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Welcome to the Amedia Cymbals USA site. We are excited to have recently marked our 7th year of operations in our US location. The US location facilitates an ease of communication with the artist and the MI dealer providing access to local stock and ordering for quicker deliveries and service.

Officially entering the US market in February of 2009 Amedia USA has been spreading the news and building a following for the brand. Touting nearly 30 different models and nearly 1000 cymbals overall Amedia brings you a very expansive product offering. Many in the US market may consider us a startup but with a the kind of instruments that Amedia produces its easy to understand why we are a seasoned manufacturer and that our Cymbals are aimed at the Pro,SemiPro and Enthusiast players. But thats not all, our line is not considered a premier product soley for the variety in cymbals we offer but our relentless pursuit of producing quality cymbals. It is our mantra that in quality comes great sounding cymbals. We build it into everyone of our instruments by hand! Yes and every cymbal we produce is made in our only manufacturing facility located in Istanbul Turkey. This region long considered the birthplace of the cymbal is famous for producing the best hand hammered cymbals in the world.

The know how to produce these superior instruments evolves from ancient traditions which have been handed down from generation to generation. For hundreds of years Turkish Cymbal Smiths have been nurtured ,developed and have become Master Cymbal Smiths by adopting and working this process. The cymbal smiths and the process are proven by the unique musicality of the cymbals.

Continuing this tradition of the past masters Amedia fully employs these methods, formulas and recipes that have been handed down for generations and applying the process to traditional cymbals in the Amedia line as well as the development of cutting edge new models we offer.Whether you are the drummer trying to capture the traditonal" TURK" cymbal in our Dervish Series or you are looking for the Vintage K sound in our Vintage series or the jazz groove with our flagship model the Ahmet Legends and Old school series or the rock player with explosive Raw Rocks, the cutting sound of the Vigor Rock and Thrace series; Amedia creates the perfect cymbals for today’s modern drummers

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