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Welcome to the Amedia Cymbals USA site. We are excited to have recently marked our first year of operations in our US location. The US location facilitates an ease of communication with the artist and the MI dealer providing access to local stock and ordering for quicker deliveries and service.

Officially entering the US market in February of 2009 Amedia USA has been spreading the news and building a following for the brand. Touting 24 different models and nearly 1000 cymbals overall Amedia brings you a very expansive product offering. Many in the US market may consider us a startup but with a the kind of instruments that Amedia produces its easy to understand why we are a seasoned manufacturer and that our Cymbals are aimed at the Pro,SemiPro and Enthusiast players. But thats not all, our line is not considered a premier product soley for the variety in cymbals we offer but our relentless pursuit of producing quality cymbals. It is our mantra that in quality comes great sounding cymbals. We build it into everyone of our instruments by hand! Yes and every cymbal we produce is made in our only manufacturing facility located in Istanbul Turkey. This region long considered the birthplace of the cymbal is famous for producing the best hand hammered cymbals in the world.

The know how to produce these superior instruments evolves from ancient traditions which have been handed down from generation to generation. For hundreds of years Turkish Cymbal Smiths have been nurtured ,developed and have become Master Cymbal Smiths by adopting and working this process. The cymbal smiths and the process are proven by the unique musicality of the cymbals.

Continuing this tradition of the past masters Amedia fully employs these methods, formulas and recipes that have been handed down for generations and applying the process to traditional cymbals in the Amedia line as well as the development of cutting edge new models we offer. Whether you are the drummer trying to capture the traditonal" TURK" cymbal in our Dervish Series or you are looking for the Vintage K sound in our Vintage series or the jazz groove with our flagship model the Ahmet Legends and Old school series or the rock player with explosive Raw Rocks, the cutting sound of the Vigor Rock and Thrace series; Amedia creates the perfect cymbals for today’s modern drummers

The Amedia Cymbal Line boasts a wide portfolio of Cymbal Products sure to favor today’s modern drummer. With 24 models currently in production ranging in nearly 1000 different cymbals Amedia, quite possibly has the most expansive line on the market today. Providing high end instruments to artists and enthusiasts with great models such as the Classic, Vintage and Vigor Rock series to the beautiful Ahmet Legends and cutting edge Galatas, Dervish and Antique models including the brand New Kommagenes, D-Rock and D-Series cymbals.


Named for master cymbal smith and founder of Amedia Cymbals ; Ahmet Baykusak, the Ahmet Legend line is the Amedia flagship product. Utmost care and exquisite craftsmanship characterize the Ahmet Legends. Preferred by jazz and funk players, extensive hammering and some of the most beautiful lathing in the business by master lathe man Hamdusana Baykusak make for cymbals that are dark, warm and full-bodied. Generally thin or medium thin in weight, the Ahmet Legends work well in both big band and small group settings.

The Ancyra is our rock cymbal pack. The kit consists of the following:

20" Ride, 16" Crash and 14" Hats

Warm and high pitched sound. The Ancyras offer the clear side of the Thrace series. They sport an un-hammered bell, smoothly lathed and a brilliantly polished for an awesome finish. The Ancyras are a natural choice for effective for the rock and pop drummers.      

Antique is merely an adjective of the LOOK of this line. It has nothing to do with its sound . Modern rock, funk and fusion styles beg for some of the heavy tight timbres the Antiques put out. These definitely different cymbals were inspired by drummers looking for an alternative sound and look offering powerful energy and tone for hard hitting drummers

Two extra steps in the creative process give the Antiques their unique sound and look. After an initial hammering and sharp lathing, they are heavily supplemental-hammered by master hammer smiths Shaban and Ahmet Baykusak.

Then for their defining sound and finish, the Antiques are finally given one more pass through the wood-fired furnace.

The rides are low-pitched with a dry tight wash, the crashes earthy and explosive. Hi-hat pairs are heavy with an aggressive open wash and powerful chick.

A virtual mountain of sonic possibilities. Ararat series cymbals are heavily hammered, their bottom surfaces are left un-lathed. Ararats feature a unique lathing pattern on the top surface with a skip-lathed bell and bow, and standard lathing on the edge. Dry and controlled, or wet and splashy; express yourself.

The Arzat Cymbal is a unique development by the "smiths" at Amedia . Our secret electroplating process darkens both the visual and aural dimensions of the Arzat line. Rides are loud with good stick definition and controlled overtones. Crashes feature a solid attack and short envelope; the hi-hats make for a great studio pair without having to use extra dampening.

The Classic line embodies the classic, late-period Turkish cymbal sound.

Crafted with uncompromising quality the Classic line is available in many styles, virtually all sizes, and weights from paper thin to rock, Classics have certain characteristics in common: extensive, smooth master-hammering; ultra-fine lathing on the bell; and multi-pass lathing on the bow.

Classic rides, for example, come in many styles including ping, rock, custom dry, jazz, mini cup, crash-ride and sizzle, but all share a unifying look.

Classics are versatile cymbals; responsive with shimmering, musical overtones. A variety of timbres reside in each Classic cymbal, waiting for your touch to bring them to life.

The newly released D-Rocks are a bi-tonal development which has nearly 3/4 of the cymbal deeply hammered in a dark finish over light lathing which includes the bell and the balance of the cymbal is lathed to a brilliant finish over lighter hammering. This effect allows a very pingy expression on the major part of the cymbal but a softer washier stick sound on the brilliant bow. The bell is strong and clear.

The newly released D-Series similar in look to our Raw Rock series with some slight variation. this series has 3/4 of the playing area including the bell un-lathed and hammered while the bow is lightly hammered and lathed. the combination makes this model very bright explosive and quickly out of the way with little decay. They are way above everything on stage and project nicely.

Trance inducing, hypnotic sounds are available with the Dervish series. Feel your spirit become one with the divine as you play these cymbals. Unlathed heavily hammered, Dervish cymbals are strong, dry and earthy like a summer night in Anatolia. A True "TURK" cymbal.

Named for cymbal patriarch Eremya Arzat, the Eremya series is made of a secret alloy. Some say that music is the elixir of life. In the tradition of the ancient alchemists, the cymbal smiths at Amedia transform base and precious metals into musical instruments with a silvery sheen and magic musicality.

Intriguing sounds inspired by the beautiful river valleys and arid hills of the Baykusak Brothers’ home country in Eastern Turkey. The Euphrates series features an un-lathed and patinated bow, lathed and polished edges, and an un-hammered bell for a strong fundamental tone. The cymbals open and close quickly, with a dry timbre and strong stick definition.

Like the feeling you get surveying all of Istanbul from the top of the Galata tower, versatility is at your command when you play the Galata series. A partially lathed top offers you distinctly different playing surfaces and timbres. The un-lathed strip at mid-bow feels stiff and sounds dry while the lathed edge and inner-bow have a softer feel and washier sound. The hammered, un-lathed bell is loud and strong, with complex overtones.

Take the edge off. A soft acid wash smooths out the tone grooves and overtones of cymbals in the Hitite series. Small bell size and a special golden alloy further mellow the sound.

Kommagene Cymbals are the latest model released by Amedia taking its name from an ancient civilization in Turkey.

With its Red branding and unique dark finish, the Kommagenes are preferred by jazz drummers. The ancient image of this cymbal was invented by founder Ahmet Baykusak.

An Un-hammered bell, lightly lathed with magical appearance, the Kommagene will have the ear of many drummers.

MARCO BARESI (info coming soon)

MINICUP (info coming soon)

New sounds for new styles. The Numan series’ lathed top allows the cymbals to open up and softens the stick attack. Their un-lathed bottom surface dries out the sound and tightens it up for recording. Funky and jazzy.

OLD SCHOOL CYMBALS (info coming soon)

Dry & heavy; the dark side of the Thrace series. Featuring supplemental hand-hammering created with customized hammers, Thrace Raw Rock series cymbals are un-lathed and patinated for maximum effect.

Companion series to the Ararat, the Taurus series also features heavily hammered, un-lathed bottom surfaces, and a unique lathing pattern on top. In contrast to the Ararat, Taurus cymbals have standard lathing on the bell and bow, and skip-lathing on the edge.

Rockers and pop stars love the Thrace series. Polished to high sheen and sporting a big un-hammered bell, the Thrace series cuts through the onstage sound with shimmery high harmonics.

Exotic sister series to the Euphrates. Lathed and polished bow, un-lathed and patinated edge. The edge has a stiff feel and the un-hammered bell clear produces a strong fundamental.

Vigor Rock Series are not your old-fashioned handmade Turkish cymbal. These bad boys will stand up to a Marshall stack or SVT and come out on top. You can tell the Vigor Rocks are different just by looking at their raw bell and shiny bow.

With their heavily hammered but un-lathed bells and tightly lathed bows, the Vigor cuts but does not bore. Complex timbres will hold your interest long after you would have sold your major-brand rockers for a loss on e-bay…

The Vigor series buffed to a high sheen for onstage flash, cymbals in the Vigor Rock Shiny series also feature a hand-hammered bell to spread out their overtones and add complexity to their sound.

Amedia’s Vintage line has the mysterious old-time mojo that hardcore cymbal junkies scour the world to find.

Amedia’s link with the mysterious roots of Turkish cymbal making is master cymbal smith Eremya Arzat. Witness to all the secrets of the old-time cymbal-makers, his memories of the halcyon days and how cymbals were made in the old Agahaman, Istanbul factory are forged into every Amedia Vintage cymbal.

Lathed paper thin by Hamdusana Baykusak, the Vintage cymbals open quickly when crashed then get right out of the way, while still providing clear stick definition for your intricate ride patterns. The rides’ breathy wash is the perfect comp behind piano and reeds, while the Hi Hats provide a satisfying, low-pitched chick.

The rides are strong with a great bounce and clear bell; the crashes pack a punch and hold lots of potential sound energy. Hi-hats are loud with a tight stick response. The Vintage vibe is enhanced by lack of printed logos on the cymbals. Look for the Amedia cold-stamp to ensure you are buying an authentic Amedia Vintage.

For a complete list of sizes and detailed descriptions please CLICK HERE.


Download Amedia Artist Endorsement Application & Criteria Info here
Pete Colvin Frank Dee
Marcel Blanchett -
Marcel & Beyond the Sun
Ronnie Coleman Jr -
Ronnie J & Merlot and Joe Camouche
Pete Colvin -
Crawl To Chaos
John Cummings -
Ten Thousand Pounds
Sean Davidson -
Genitorturers, Wayne Static
Franky Dee -
The Rhythm 2 Life Project
(Formerly with The Happenings)
Genesis Percussion Drum Line Kenny Howard -
The Jimmy Whip Project and session drummer in Massachusetts
Henry Jones-
Infinite Roots, KC and the Sunshine Anne, Independent, African Drums Builder
Chris Kimmerer -
Brad Paisley and session drummer
Paul JM -
Period Comma, Vintage Vinyl
Tommy Maras -
Independent - LA, Nashville,
Salt Lake City
Gaetano Nicolosi -
Iron Horse, Independent,
Instructor, Publisher of instructional drum books
Jonathan Peretz -
Charlie Sganga Trio and has toured with Blood Sweat and
and Ricky  Martin
Bob Rodriguez -
Suave The Band,
On The Edge Drum Co.
Phil Rowland - Symphonic Slam (Formerly with Mastedon)
Tours with Eagles tribute band Hotel California
Greg Sundel -
Greg Sundel Trio and is an instructor in New Jersey
Tommy Taylor -
Dreams of Havoc,
Admitted Dilemma
Felipe Torres    
Felipe Torres -
The Davy Jones Band, Carmine Appice SLAMM, Senator and the New Republic and In Musth


Amedia Cymbals -USA Sales Office & Dealers

Amedia Cymbals USA
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Amedia Dealers - Click Here to see Amedia Artists

Brooksville Music LLC: 19225 Cortez Blvd . Brookville, FL 34601-3028
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St. Joe Music Co.:  210 Williams Ave . Port St. Joe Fl. 32456
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Onstage Music: 7133 US HWY 19 . New Port Richey, FL 34625
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Cymbalism: PO Box 1504 . Kihei, HI 96753
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Steve Maxwell Vintage & Custom Drums: 604 Farnham Lane . Wheaton, Il 60189
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Tupelo Consignment Music: 1213 E. Main St. . Tupelo MS 38801
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New Jersey
Glenn Weber Drum Shop: 14 Northfield RD . West Orange , NJ 07052
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New York
Alto Music: 180 Carpenter Avenue . Middletown, NY 10940 . 1-845-692-6922

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Steve Maxwell Vintage & Custom Drums: 723 7th Ave . 3rd Floor . New York, NY 10019
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Columbus Pro Percussion: 5052 North High St . Colombus, OH 43214
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Crossroads Music: 1 North Sandusky St . Delaware, OH 43015
P: 740-368-9966 www.crossroadsmusicltd.com

Georges Drum Shop:
3563 Copley Road . Copley, OH 44321
P: 330-940-3786

Ohio Drum Works: 1634 30th St. NE . Suite A . Canton OH 44714
P: 330-212-5471 www.ohiodrumworks.com

Stebals Drums:
32612 Vine St. . Willowick, OH 44095 .
P: 440-944-9331 F: 440-943-3393

Woodsy's Music: 135 South Water St. . Kent, OH 44240
P: 330-673-1525

Rhythm Traders:  3904 NE Martin Luther King Jr. BLVD  . Portland  Or. 97212
P: 503-288-6950

Waddell's Drum Center: 11959 Perry Highway . Wexford, PA 15090
P: 724-934-1090

Steves Drum Shop:  908 E. Ermina Ave . Spokane WA. 99207

Amedia Press / News

AMEDIA exhibits at 0hio Drum Show, sponsors drum clinic and adds 3 dealers:Woodsy's Music - Georges Drum Shop - Stebals Drums

AMEDIA welcomes Phil Rowland to the family
Phil has done everything from clubs to major label recording and touring. He has been signed to five major labels, signing his first recording contract at age 17. He recorded two CD's with the legendary prog band Mastedon and has also done Movie Sound tracks including the 80's classic, St Elmo's Fire.

Phil has studied with some of the top drum teachers in the industry and held a long term endorsement deal with the Ludwig Drum Co. He is now a new endorser for the Peace Drum Co. See Phil on the Peace Web site at www.peace-drums.com.

Phil is also an endorsee for 'Hot Sticks' drum sticks www.hotsticksdrumsticks.com.

AND NOW OF COURSE AMEDIA CYMBALS. Phil is playing a 19" Antigue Ride, 18" Classic Med Crash, 17" Vintage Crash, 16"Classic Med Crash, 12" Vigor Splash, 10" & 6" Classic Splash, 8" Vigor Splash, 14"DSeries Hi Hats,
13" Hi Hats (Classic HRG), and 14" Thrace Crash.

GENESIS Partners With Amedia Cymbals
Friday, August 20, 2010

Constantly striving to find and use the best products in the activity, Genesis is proud to announce their new partnership with Amedia.  “Finding a cymbal supplier who can meet our needs has been 2 years in the making but will be well worth the wait”, says former director Scott Uzarski.  “We are excited to be the first WGI ensemble to display the incredible products that this great company has to offer.”


Just Missed:

Amedia Cymbals USA will be at Summer NAMM in Nashville June 18-20, 2010, in Music City—Nashville, TN. Look for them at Booth # 505

Amedia Cymbals – USA has just signed on Felipe Torres as an endorser. Felipe is best known for his work with Carmine Appice in SLAMM!! and The Davy Jones Band as well as his own project In Musth. You can see Felipe at the
Amedia booth at NAMM 2010, courtesy Drummer Connection.


Modern Drummer  Festival  at Montclair State University  May 22,23  
Chicago Drum Show  Kane County Fair Grounds . St. Charles Illinois  May 15 /16

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Justice Michael will be in a Juilliard Jazz residency the week of June 18th. Drummer, Carl Allen` is the director of Jazz Studies and will be working closely with Justice. The drummers have been asked to bring their favorite cymbals and of course Justice will be bringing his Amedias. Best of luck Justice!

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