Scotti Iman

Scotti Iman

Scotti Iman
Jack Grelle, Cara Louise Band, Spatula, moSTLy tap
St. Louis, Missouri
20" Dervish Jazz Ride, 21" Old School Ride, 20" Custom Mini Bell Ride
15" Dervish Jazz Hats, 15" Old School Hats
18" Old School Crash
Scotti Iman grew up in the small Missouri town of Salisbury. After reconnecting with his love of drumming in high school, Scotti enrolled at Central Methodist University as a Music Education major.

After spending time in the education field & studying with Loyd Warden, he left CMU for the McNally Smith College of Music where he graduated with a degree in Percussion Performance. While at McNally Smith, Scotti studied with Dave Stanoch & Marv Dahlgren.


Seeking the exact opposite of Minnesota winters, Scotti then moved to Austin, Texas. There he toured all over the state & country with Gary P. Nunn, Horse Opera, Leo Rondeau, The Jon Napier Band, Gumbo Ce Soir, Loves It! & the Rollfast Ramblers.

In 2015, Scotti decided to move back to Missouri & settled in St. Louis. Continuing in the belief that musicians are constantly progressing as students, he still continues his education by studying with Daniel Glass.

When he's not teaching at School of Rock - Kirkwood, Scotti can be seen touring with the following acts:

Jack Grelle

Cara Louise Band

Aching Hearts Country Band



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