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We Couldn't agree more. We have taken our jazziest cymbals and grouped them in one place  

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Our top sellers all joined together. These babies fly off the shelf better get yours now!

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Our team has selected some of our most rockin' cymbals for those about to ROCK!

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Creating new cymbal designs that is. Our Cymbal-smiths are constantly innovating.

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Thanks for visiting the official Amedia Cymbals U.S.A. site. We pride ourselves in offering the finest in handmade cymbals from Istanbul. Our cymbalsmiths have been creating the most musical cymbals for generations. Its our mission to share their creations with the world. Join us.

– Team Amedia


All of our cymbals are manufactured at our foundry in Istanbul, Turkey. Nothing is outsourced, everything is done by hand


Amedia Cymbals USA is a NAMM member. We have also exhibited at the Chicago Drum Show, PASIC, Nashville Drum Show, and more  


Although our cymbals are made in the traditional methods that hasn't stopped the momentum of innovation. Every year we have new prototypes that turn heads


Our proven process coupled with the highest in quality control allow Amedia Cymbals USA to bring you the highest quality handmade cymbals.

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