Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts
Astro Chimp, Rel-X, The Pink Flamingos & Holly and the Byrd (Columbus, OH), Session & Studio
Charleston, WV
22" Vintage, 21" Old School (dry), 20" Old School Crash/Ride, 21" Class Dry Ride, 20" Kommagene
14" Vintage, Kommagene, Antique, 13" Old School
17" Classic (dark), Kommagene, Vintage, Old School, 18" Vintage, Kommagene, 16" Classic (dark), Old School,
21" Old School EFX, 18" Old School EFX Crash, 20" Vintage China
6" CLassic, 8" Classic, 10" Classic, 12" Classic
Dave Roberts has been a drummer and percussionist for 28 years. His formative years in percussion were comprised of marching band, jazz band, concert band, and private instruction. Early private instructors included Paul Moore, Scott Lanham, and Tom Shriver. Dave continuously strives to improve his own abilities as a musician by taking on challenging projects from jazz to rock to the purely experimental. His early days included brass studies and piano. Dave composes heavily on piano and synths with his Neostra Music project. He works as a session drummer for studio and live performance. He occasionally teaches on a private level and works to encourage beginning drummers. Dave’s influences range from free-form jazz and fusion, funk, blues, progressive-rock, ambient and classical, giving him the confidence to push himself outside his comfort zone while writing and playing.

One of Dave’s favorite short-term projects was with the 9-piece jazz group, Momentum. The group worked 4+months in 2015 preparing to perform Bitches Brew, by the late-great Miles Davis. The shows took place at WV State University and at a local music club with positive reviews. Dave has performed in several bands over the years. TriElement, was an instrumental rock band that had seen some success. TriElement shared the stage with The Aristocrats, Soften the Glare, Sean O'Bryan Smith, Neil Zaza, Saul Zonana, and many others. Since 2016, Pale Nova had become Dave’s primary focus. A band that had Americana roots with tasteful soloing and extended jams. While Dave was the primary composer for TriElement, his compositional role in Pale Nova was strictly creating percussion parts and playing for the song. The latest band is Astro Chimp and Rel-X. Astro Chimp is a blues-rock-jazz fusion 3 piece and utilizes session musicians such as horns, guitar, DJ's, etc. Rel-X is a 4-piece improv outfit blending rock, free-jazz, electronic and blues. Live performances are prepared but completely improvised. Dave backs Columbus, OH, based, The Pink Flamingos, and Holly and the Byrd. Finally, Dave has backed Nashville bassist, composer and producer, Sean O'Bryan Smith (Neil Zaza, Randy Brecker, Chuck Loeb, Esperanza Spalding, Gerald Albright) and others. Dave worked as a guest-host for the Mike Keneally Band w/ Doug Lunn and Greg Bendian.

Dave has taken every opportunity to experience and promote all types of music in many capacities. He accepted opportunities to tech for international drummers, Marco Minnemann, Todd Sucherman, and Gregg Bendian among others. He lent his talents recording drum tracks for the Charleston, WV version of the Evil Dead Musical. He has forged a friendship with booking agent Julie Cord of Blue Mouth Promotions, LLC, and has become a part of BMP’s fledgling house-concert network that brings world class musicians into a personal setting. Past concerts have included Neil Zaza and Sean O' Bryan Smith. This series features the likes of Andy Timmons, Kira Small, the Travis Larson Band, Mike Keneally and many others. Dave also works with Andre Cholmondeley (tour manager/guitar tech for Adrian Belew, the late Greg Lake, and others) to setup local house concerts and shows. Along with regional musician, composer and educator Chuck Biel, Dave founded Charleston Ambient Music and Musicians, a networking platform for ambient style musicians and a platform to promote live ambient music in Charleston, WV. Dave, Chuck and fellow artist John Marshall performed the inaugural show for the CBAMMS series on January 25, 2014, at West Virginia State University's EDC (Digiso) (http://www.digiso.org/category/wvsu-economic-development-center/).

Active groups/projects:

Astro Chimp (2018)
Not fusion music. Just a fusion of blues, rock, and jazz inspired sounds. All with some tasteful experimenting thrown in.
Dave Roberts, Cheyenne Smith, Andy Fergusson

Rel-X is 4 musicians creating music on the fly. Improv. We combine our influences into a cohesive sound of rock, ambient soundscapes, with touches of free-jazz & funk. Every show is a different experience for the band and listeners.

Neostra Music (Ambient Music Compositions)

Noise Structures
New ambient music influenced duo project (Dave Roberts and Jamie Skeen). Pure ambient music, and bass & drums w/backing tracks and collaborators.

Previous groups:

Pale Nova (January 2016-Jan 21, 2018)

TriElement (2007-Sept 24, 2017)

Momentum (formerly 4tet):
Link to our performance of Miles Davis, Bitches Brew

Tape Age (April 2015-October 2016) -Louisville-based

The Nanker Phelge (2009-2014)

Amedia Cymbals

Headhunters Drumsticks and Creations