Andrew Picha

Andrew Picha

Andrew Picha
Jordan Feliz
Nashville, TN
20" Vintage
14" D Series
16" Thin Classic, 16" Taurus, 19" Arzat, 18" Ahmet Legend
18" FX concept 12-hole
Andrew grew up in the suburbs of Chicago before attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Graduating with a degree in Music Production & Engineering as a drum set principle, Andrew moved into Boston's suburbs to tour with a regional Christian worship group. After several years of hard touring and recording a couple albums with the group, Andrew moved to Nashville, Tennessee to further pursue a career in music. After playing with various artists, Andrew was hired as the full-time drummer for Contemporary Christian Artist, Jordan Feliz in 2016. Since then, he has toured around the United States several times. When not on the road, he composes for the music licensing company, "Soundstripe" as well as works remotely for the backing track company, "Loop Community". His favorite hobbies on the road include finding great coffee and great beer.


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