From $195
Dervish Heavy Ride

Great stick definition with a fast decay, the Dervish Heavy ride sits well in pop music as well as big band the bell is pronounced with a great fundamental pitch.

From $204
Dervish Hi-Hats

Available in sizes 12"-16" dark and defined with a distinct chick perfect for funk, Rn'B, rock, or any style of music that calls for a hi-hat that cuts through the mix

From $279
Dervish Flat Ride

Flat rides are unique and the dervish is no different. With a well defined stick definition and extremely fast decay the dervish flat ride is at home in many musical situations, especially when tight control is needed

From $550
Dervish Stingray - The Original Square Ride

When we released this cymbal it changed the world of cymbals as we have known it. Nothing compares to the complex sound of the Stingray

From $439
Dervish Supernova

Take our dervish ride and ad large over hammers and a lathed bell you have a supernova. Complex wash dry and trashy crash a favorite across styles

From $360
Dervish Stingray Traditional

Our square cymbal was so popular we made a round one with the same hammering and lathing. A hit across styles with a unique look and sound

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-45%$176.00$96.80 each Dervish Bells
-45%$176.00$96.80 each Dervish Ping Bells
-45%$289.12$159.02 each Dervish Chinas
-45%$270.28$148.65 each Dervish Crashes
-45%$508.56$279.71 each Dervish Crash Rides
-45%$372.00$204.60 each Dervish Hi-Hats
-45%$906.00$498.30 each Dervish Gong Cymbals
-45%$414.84$228.16 each Dervish Flat Hole Hi Hats
-45%$508.56$279.71 each Dervish Ride Cymbal
-45%$508.56$279.71 each Dervish Flat Ride Cymbal
-45%$508.56$279.71 each Dervish Heavy Ride Cymbal
-45%$163.44$89.89 each Dervish Splash Cymbal
-45%$508.56$279.71 each Dervish Jazz Ride Cymbal
-45%$655.83$360.71 each Dervish Stingray Traditional
-45%$799.25$439.59 each Dervish Supernova
-45%$1,000.29$550.16 each Dervish Stingray
-45%$889.96$489.48 each Dervish Stingray Edge
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